Floyd Mayweather Reveals What he has in Store in 2019

Floyd Mayweather Reveals What he has in Store in 2019


Floyd Mayweather Reveals What he has in Store in 2019


If today’s boxers don’t intrigue you enough and you want some more Floyd Mayweather, you are in luck. Talking to TMZ, Mayweather revealed he has four or five exhibitions (not counting toward his perfect, unblemished record, of course) lined up this year. Oh, and he is expecting to make around $80 million for the light work:

While these easy three-round outings accumulate to far less money than what Mayweather could make in a real boxing match, it is the better option for him at this point. At 41 years old, Mayweather is not beating most of, if any of the top fighters today. The Mayweather that showed up against Conor McGregor and Andre Berto is not even lasting 12 rounds in the ring with Errol Spence Jr., Mikey Garcia, or Terence Crawford (not that anyone should be expecting him to face off against Bob Arum’s young star).

Mayweather would most likely beat Manny Pacquiao in a rematch, which had been rumored in September, and would make a ton of money for it. That is something that can’t be ruled out going forward, but the gut feeling is Mayweather is not interested in taking another fight seriously or having to train to the degree he would have to in order to defeat Pacquiao once again. Remember, when he came out of retirement to face McGregor, it was said he spent the night before at an adult club until 4 am.

It is not yet known if the United States will be able to watch, well, purchase any of Mayweather’s exhibitions he has lined up. His first-round domination in his exhibition against Tenshin Nasukawa was not available over here.

A couple of quick predictions for Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s 2019 year:

  • He won’t lose any of these exhibitions (not that it would count).
  • He will say he is considering a real boxing or MMA fight.
  • He will make a ridiculous amount of money and let us all know about it.

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