Colin Cowherd: Ciara Could Nudge Russell Wilson to Replace Eli Manning

Colin Cowherd: Ciara Could Nudge Russell Wilson to Replace Eli Manning


Colin Cowherd: Ciara Could Nudge Russell Wilson to Replace Eli Manning


Today on The Herd, Colin Cowherd revealed that there are discussions in the “agent world” about Russell Wilson being the one that replaces Eli Manning as the New York Giants quarterback. Cowherd brought up the all too important factor that this is something his wife Ciara wants to come to fruition.

As Cowherd made clear, he is not predicting, but that his track record of “hearing things” is pretty solid, to say the least.

It would seem very unlikely Seattle would just openly accept this, but a scenario exists where Wilson could force is way out becoming very expensive. Mike Florio elaborated on this possibility breaking down why it may, in fact, make sense for Seattle to part ways with one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL:

“PFT explained last year when reporting that Wilson wasn’t inclined in the aftermath of a flurry of quarterback deals to sign an extension but instead to play things out on a year-to-year basis, Kirk Cousins-style. Because he has a cap number of $25.286 million in 2019, his franchise tag in 2020 would land at $30.34 million. In 2021, it would spike to $36.41 million. For 2022, the 44-percent rule would push the number all the way to $52.43 million.

If Wilson is willing to bear the year-to-year injury risk and able to say no to any and all long-term offers the Seahawks make, he eventually will force the Seahawks into some very tough decisions. If they pay $30.34 million for 2020, will they pay $36.41 million for 2021? Will they pay $52.43 million for 2022?”

In that case, the Seahawks would have a real decision on their hands. How much do they feel Russell Wilson is worth, and what would the free market decide?

Of course for the Giants, this would be franchise-changing. Wilson is one of the most reliable and effective players in the game. He is actually also one that is built to deal with the daunting New York pressure. With Saquon Barkley and maybe Odell Beckham Jr., the Giants would be the biggest show in the NFL.

Now, let’s hope New York fans don’t get too excited. They are already feverishly hoping their basketball team adds Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Zion Williamson this summer. If that falls apart, they start thinking Wilson is coming, and then he doesn’t, there will be some sad times in New York City.

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