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Civil War Mike Francesa is Your Mike Francesa Parody Video of the Day

A couple weeks ago came the Mike Francesa Revolutionary War parody. Today we get the would-be scenario if the New York radio host had a show during the Civil War. The impression by @BizzaroZaun is perfect right down to knocking over his bottle Diet Coke sans label and getting into a shouting match with Ulysses S. Grant in the vein of Darrelle Revis.

People from in-and-around the New York Metropolitan area might enjoy it, everyone else will probably be left scratching their heads as to what the big deal is?

And maybe that’s the best question to ask from this: why is Francesa so rife for parody? Of all the people in the media why is it that a New York sports talk radio show host inspires this sort of cult-like fanaticism? For all the scorn guys like Chris Berman draw on Twitter, you don’t see people going out of their way to parody him like they do the Sports Pope.

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