David Ortiz Will Be An Executive Producer on New MTV Baseball Show That, Sadly, Isn't a Revival of 'Rock 'N Jock'

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How about the last couple weeks for David Ortiz? The Red Sox designated hitter took home designated hitter earned World Series MVP honors, drank from the world’s largest bottle of champagne, finished third in the Boston Mayoral election and now he’s added executive producer credits to a new baseball-themed show which will air on MTV in 2014.

That’s a lot of different hats for one man to wear.

Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen will also serve as an executive producer on the show, which “melds pop culture and baseball” according to the press release. It sounds like the show will be an extension of the MLB Fan Cave in New York, with all it’s zany segments such as Craig Kimbrel getting into a starring contest with fans. There’s a safe bet the show will have a live music performance segment. Maybe, if they’re smart, a “Cribs”-like element will be included because who doesn’t enjoy viewing how lavishly some professional athletes live?

Admittedly I have zero experience in television — about as much as Ortiz in McCutchen, actually — my humble suggestion is using at least one episode, be it Spring Training or the end of the season, to revive Rock ‘N Jock Softball. Let’s make it happen, Papi. I’m pretty sure Dan Cortese is available to host. 

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