Lindsay Lohan is a Big Fan of Rafa Marquez, Apparently

Lindsay Lohan, for some vitally important reason no doubt, decided to tweet our her affinity for Mexico National Team captain Rafa Marquez on Thursday. Why she picked Marquez, who scored in Wednesday’s 2-2 draw with the United States and is hated by most American soccer fans dating back to his dastardly red card challenge on Cobi Jones in the 2002 World Cup, is an excellent question. Oh wait, there is some sort of branding mention for Gillette razors, so Li-Lo is probably looking for some of that sweet Twitter endorsement CA$H.

As of yet we haven’t found out whether or not Marquez’s name was listed in Lohan’s celebrity hookup list. Marquez did spend a portion of his career collecting a fat paycheck (for doing nothing) from the New York Red Bulls, so perhaps their paths crossed at some point.

In any event it’s an excuse to post this solid clip from the always re-watchable This Is The End. (NSFW language warning.)

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Because you want to see it first!

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