Warriors Assaulted, Insulted and Upset Russell Westbrook

Warriors Assaulted, Insulted and Upset Russell Westbrook


Warriors Assaulted, Insulted and Upset Russell Westbrook

The Golden State Warriors easily defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night, 121-100. It was the second time the teams met this season and it did little to ease the tension between former teammates Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.

First, Durant’s new teammate, fan-favorite Zaza Pachulia, leveled Westbrook on a screen and stood over his lifeless body.

Zaza Pachulia takes down Westbrook.

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Later, after the final whistle, Westbrook yelled at a teammate for speaking to someone. There’s no way to tell with 100% certainty that he’s yelling, “Don’t say what’s up to that bitch ass” at someone exchanging pleasantries with Kevin Durant, but I’m pretty sure everyone is willing to make that assumption.

[NSFW] "Don't say wassup to that b–ch a–" – Russell Westbrook tells his teammates not to talk to Kevin Durant.

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After the game, Westbrook was asked about the collision with Pachulia. Someone showed him the clip of the Warriors center standing over him after the whistle and he didn’t seem happy.

The Warriors are 36-6 and spent this week asserting their physicality against two of the teams and superstars they could meet in the postseason. First LeBron James, now Russell Westbrook. Who knows what might happen to James Harden on Friday.

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