Deion Sanders, Eugene Parker, and Connect the Dots

Deion Sanders, Eugene Parker, and Connect the Dots


Deion Sanders, Eugene Parker, and Connect the Dots

deion-sanders-mugshotdez-bryantWe’ve got some pretty terrific tipsters who are like us: They enjoy a good conspiracy theory. Consider the following:

* Eugene Parker used to be Deion Sanders’ agent. (Haven’t been able to find a link anywhere talking about why or when they parted.)
* When Michael Crabtree announced he was going to the NFL, he worked out at Prime U, Deion’s “workout camp.” Crabtree signed with Eugene Parker.
* This week, the NCAA ruled Oklahoma State star receiver Dez Bryant ineligible. Deion Sanders was at the heart of the issue. So was Prime U. Which makes you wonder … what if Sanders was luring kids to Prime U ostensibly to work on their skills … and then the elite players kept ending up with certain agents (cough, Parker, cough)? Sanders was quick to deny any Parker connection following the Bryant incident.

Prime U has gotten much media love this year – there’s the USA Today profile above, and the NFL Network turned it into a TV show. What high-profile college star wouldn’t want to attend?

This sort of shady thing happens frequently in college basketball (as evidenced brilliantly here). The players are pawns. Who will expose the connection between elite players who attend Prime U, Deion Sanders, and the agent said players end up selecting? Here are Parker’s best-known clients. Get sleuthing.

Tim Cowlishaw is on the scent.

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