Sir Mix-A-Lot Thinks If He Watches the Seahawks Play Live, They'll Lose

Sir Mix-A-Lot Thinks If He Watches the Seahawks Play Live, They'll Lose


Sir Mix-A-Lot Thinks If He Watches the Seahawks Play Live, They'll Lose

San Diego Padres v Seattle MarinersSir Mix-A-Lot is Seattle’s most famous rapper not named Macklemore. The man who gave the world the seminal 1992 hit, “Baby Got Back” is also a huge Seahawks fan.

The Denver Post tracked down Mix-A-Lot (real name Anthony Ray) to talk about his love of the Seahawks, which goes back to the days when the team wore silver helmets,  played in the AFC West and called the Kingdome their home. Here’s how Mix-A-Lot described growing up a Seahawks fan in the 1980s:

“I came up during the era in which you’d root for the Seahawks to get home safe on the plane, they were that bad,” said Sir Mix-A-Lot, 50. “The Kingdome days were horrible. But I’m still a big Seattle fan.”

Mix-A-Lot is also a very superstitious fan and thinks watching the games bring bad luck to his beloved Hawks.

“Well, this is going to crack you up, man, but I’m pretty superstitious when it comes to the Seahawks,” he explained by phone. “I realized recently that watching the game brought them bad luck from me. The playoff game against Atlanta, the loss against Indianapolis. I know it sounds goofy, but even at halftime of the Tampa Bay game, they were down 21-7. My brother said: ‘Let’s see if your superstition stays true. Why don’t you leave?’ I left the house, went shopping for furniture — and they won the game in overtime.

“So now I record the game, but I’ll watch another game intentionally and then I’ll watch the recorded version. When I do that, they win.”

The man who once rapped, “My anaconda don’t want none, Unless you’ve got buns, hun” took his Seattle superstition to extreme levels during the NFC Championship game:

“I watched the NFL Network and went outside to do some work. When I came in, I was getting texts from people who were there saying, ‘Man, you should be here! This is insane!’ I could’ve been at the game, I was invited to a luxury suite but I didn’t go, because I knew if I’d go, they’d lose.”

Waitasecond … Sir Mix-A-Lot goes shopping for furniture and does yard work? My whole childhood was a lie.

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