Brian Windhorst: LeBron / Kyrie Drama "Could Drag Into the Season"

Brian Windhorst: LeBron / Kyrie Drama "Could Drag Into the Season"


Brian Windhorst: LeBron / Kyrie Drama "Could Drag Into the Season"


Earlier this week, Cari Champion had Brian Windhorst on her podcast. Surprise! Much of the discussion centered around Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. (Note: I think this was taped before Kyrie egged on Steph Curry’s mocking of LeBron’s workout videos, and whatever the hell LeBron’s response was supposed to mean.)

When asked about whether Kyrie will be traded, Windhorst answered, “I think he will, but I don’t think it’s gonna be simple. And I do think it could drag into the season, because right now the Cavs are not in a position of strength in talks with other teams. This trade, especially since it’s a new GM and LeBron has one year left it’s probably going to be the most important trade in the history of the team.”

Because the trade could “define Koby Altman’s career” if he gets great players back, Windhorst said, “I think it could drag out for months. I sure as hell hope not — I’d love for it to happen on Monday and we could just deal with it and get over with, but I suspect it’s gonna drag on.”

Other interesting notes from the podcast:

  • Windhorst was NOT happy about the storyline that LeBron’s camp “leaked” the trade demand to him, and said (I’m paraphrasing) that he’s constantly fighting the impression that he’s LeBron’s stenographer. (What went unsaid: It was Windhorst’s ESPN colleague Stephen A. Smith who said loudest that Kyrie believed LeBron and/or his camp leaked it.) Windhorst believed all that mattered was that his story was accurate, which it was.
  • Windhorst: “This is the first time LeBron’s suffered a loss like this. Most times he’s able to get guys to come with him. And this is the first time somebody of consequence has said, ‘You know what? Stick it.'”
  • Windhorst did not know whether there was one specific incident that triggered Kyrie’s demand, or whether it was a collective body of frustration about being a clear second fiddle.

Contrary to Windhorst’s wishes, I’m here for the sustained drama!


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