The 10 Greatest Moments Of Marshawn Lynch's Career

The 10 Greatest Moments Of Marshawn Lynch's Career


The 10 Greatest Moments Of Marshawn Lynch's Career


Marshawn Lynch played the second game of his NFL comeback this weekend, as his Oakland Raiders smashed the New York Jets 45-20. But he made more noise for the way he let loose on the sidelines, dancing like a madman early in the fourth quarter of the blowout.

After watching that repeatedly all morning, I decided to put together a list of our favorite 10 moments from Lynch’s career.

10. “I’m good, right?”

We truly knew Lynch had returned to the NFL when he interrupted head coach Jack Del Rio’s press conference after a Week 1 win to make sure he could take off without talking to the media. God we missed him.

9. Lynch tastes the rainbow

By now we all know of Lynch’s passion for his favorite candy, Skittles. But back in 2011 the nation got its first glimpse of him indulging in the sugary treat. And it came in the middle of a nationally televised, prime time game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Seahawks won 31-14 and Lynch racked up 148 total yards. Since then he’s always been associated with Skittles and even signed an endorsement deal with the brand.

8.ย His understated retirement

I’m all for retirement ceremonies and players getting recognized for their contributions to the game and their teams. But that was never going to be Lynch’s style. Instead, he went out with a simple tweet: his shoes on a telephone line and a peace sign.

7. Sideline dancing in Oakland

Yeah, I know this just happened in Week 2 of the 2017 season, but it’s already among my favorite Marshawn moments. It’s hard to watch this clip and not smile.

That’s just a dude having fun.

Here’s another angle:

6. He talked about inspiring a barista to go “Beast Mode”

Lynch’s nickname developed from an early age in Pop Warner and evolved. He told Conan O’Brien how his “Beast Mode” moniker inspired others to step up their game. Even a barista.

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