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Kentucky Fan With Dreadful 2014 "Nati9nal" Champions Tattoo is Your Reason to Root For UConn

Kentucky 2014 champs tattoo

Is this presumptuous tattoo one of the more embarrassing pieces of body art you’ve seen in recent memory? Yes. Yes it is.

I’m trying to figure out what’s worse — the “2014” that looks like it was hastily scribbled in at the last second, or the witty “9” replacing the “O” in “National” to represent Kentucky’s ninth NCAA tournament title should the Wildcats win on Monday night. What a mess.

If you find yourself asking why this photo wasn’t cropped to eliminate the hairiness of this man’s right calf, it just didn’t feel right to deny you the eye rake. CBS told him to find a way to get to Monday’s title game, and it had seats for him.

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[The Courier-Journal]

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