Dustin Pedroia is a Sasquatch Truther

Dustin Pedroia is a Sasquatch Truther


Dustin Pedroia is a Sasquatch Truther


Dustin Pedroia … gritty gamer … American League MVP … two-time World Series winner … Sasquatch hunter?

The Boston Red Sox second baseman appeared on Rob Bradford’s WEEI podcast this week and talked about various baseball-related topics, such as David Ortiz’s contract situation. They also discussed Pedroia long-standing hope to go Bigfoot hunting with former teammate Jonathan Papelbon.

You can listen to the audio yourself and judge whether or not Pedroia is serious about his chase for the illusive missing link or simply having a laugh. He did say he has a season-pass for Spike TV’s $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty and plans to watch them marathon-style before the 2014 season starts.

Here are the pertinent Pedroia quotes via Fox Sports:

“I went up to the Redwoods when I was a kid,” Pedroia said while bantering with Bradford. “My dad wanted to show me when you drive through the Redwood tree and all that stuff, and they had a big, like a [Sasquatch] museum deal. They’ve got photos [of Sasquatch]. They’ve got all kinds of stuff, man, so I’ve been on the search, man.”

As with any good cryptozoologist worth his salt, Pedroia cited the ever-reliable Internet as proof of Sass’s existence:

“Google some things,” Pedroia told Bradford during Monday’s podcast. “This isn’t like a made-up creature that’s like 20 feet tall. This isn’t a movie. OK, Rob? This is real life, man. They’re out there. It kind of has your body frame.”

Perhaps Pedroia ought to hang out with this North Carolina mountain man for some hunting tips. Maybe Pedroia’s a big Tenacious D fan.

Personally, I’d like to see Pedroia and others spending more time chasing down that damn skunk ape and leave those gentle Sasquatch’s alone.

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