NBA Power Rankings: Golden State Warriors Might Be Good Again

NBA Power Rankings: Golden State Warriors Might Be Good Again


NBA Power Rankings: Golden State Warriors Might Be Good Again

It’s been two months since the first and only other power rankings. A lot has change. I moved. The holidays came and went. The Cavs traded for Kyle Korver. That’s a lot of stuff. Anyway, here are the updated power rankings which will determine who gets a special invitation to the expanded college football playoffs in 2018.

30. Nets
Previously: 27th

They are bad and are currently in control of the best chance to land the #1 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. That pick belongs to the Boston Celtics. Everything is awful. They have lost 10 straight and 15 of 16. They might have to move back to New Jersey. It’s that bad.

29. Heat
Previously: 21

This is how you bottom out. Give Hassan Whiteside a max deal. Let the face of your franchise leave. Injure Justise Winslow. If they pick the right guy in a loaded draft they could be trending upward within a year. For now, spectacular failure. Except they beat the Rockets last night.

28. Mavericks
Previously: 28

At least they’re endearing themselves to the referees.

27. Suns
Previously: 24

In the span of 3 days they lost to the Dallas Mavericks and beat the San Antonio Spurs which proves that you should never take too much from a single regular season game.

26. 76ers
Previously: 30th

Philly started the season 0-7. They’ve already won more games than they did all of last season. Joel Embiid is the best.

25. Lakers
Previously: 12

I may have been a little high on the Lakers early in the season, but the good news is that they have evened out. They’re only 5 games out of the 8-seed. Ignore their latest 5 game skid.

24. Timberwolves
Previously: 26

Minnesota remains a disappointment, but Karl-Anthony Towns is now 15th in blocks and 8th in rebounds. He’s also scoring 21.8 points per game. It’s not always pretty, but it’s a start.

23. Nuggets
Previous: 22

Nikola Jokic plays 24 minutes a night and he’s 6th in assists among big men. His passing highlights are the best.

22. Magic
Previously: 23

The only thing mildly interesting about the Magic is Elfrid Payton’s hair.




21. Pelicans
Previous: 29

Anthony Davis is back. The Pelicans have dropped 5 of 7, but they’ve climbed back into the playoff hunt as we approach the middle of the season. AD is 2nd in scoring, 1st in blocks, 6th in rebounding and 2nd in PER. The list of guys who have averaged 29 points / 12 rebounds / 2 assists /2.5 blocks per game over a season since 1983 is Shaq (2x), Bob McAdoo and Kareem. That’s the list. He’s not even an MVP candidate. And yes, he left last night’s game with a fresh injury.

20. Pistons
Previous: 17

Boban has only appeared in 19 games. The Pistons have only won 19 games. Coincidence?


19. Kings
Previous: 20

Boogie leads the Kings in points, rebounds, assists and blocks. Rudy Gay has him in steals by .04 per game. The Kings are .5 games out of the playoffs. We need the Kings to be the 8th seed just to see how many times one person can get thrown out of a postseason series.

18. Knicks
Previous: 18

Nothing to see here.

17. Hornets
Previous: 5

If I told you where the Charlotte Hornets were in the Eastern Conference standings, would you care?

16. Blazers
Previous: 10

Another fringe playoff team fighting for the right to get swept by the Warriors.

15. Bucks
Previous: 15

.500. Dropped two straight. Rockets tonight. Still… Giannis.






14. Bulls
Previous: 14

Jimmy Butler is at or near a career high in everything so he’s another guy having an MVP season in the season of insane seasons. Remember back when the Bulls were shooting the 3 so well? They’re last in the league in 3pt% right now. It’s a constant struggle between Rajon Rondo trying to destroy the team and Jimmy Butler trying to single-handedly carry it to success.

13. Pacers
Previous: 16

They’ve won 6 of 7. Paul George is real good.

12. Wizards
Previously: 25

Something about John Wall being really good.

11. Thunder
Previous: 4

Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple-double through 43 game games. The Thunder have lost 6 of their last 11, but they’re still 7 games ahead of the group fighting for the 8-seed in the West.

AUBURN HILLS, MI - DECEMBER 21: Marc Gasol #33 of the Memphis Grizzlies celebrates a basket in the second half with Mike Conley #11 while playing the Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills on December 21, 2016 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

10. Grizzlies
Previous: 13

Do we have a term for the type of dynasty that the 2010’s Grizzlies are? Where they’re really good with the same core for a long time without ever winning anything? They’re even on their third coach of the era with the same amount of success. In the month and a half between now and the next power rankings post I’ll think up a pun. Maybe.

9. Hawks
Previous: 8

They should become a team in Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 league.

8. Jazz
Previous: 11

There is no jazz music in Utah. They should move the team to Los Angeles and take advantage of Gordon Hayward’s star power.

7. Celtics
Previous: 19

Two games behind the Hawks. 4.5 games behind the Cavaliers. Isaiah Thomas has been on a tear.

6. Clippers
Previous: 1

L.A. has won 7 games in a row but Chris Paul just went down and its going to destroy their season.

5. Raptors
Previous: 9

Here’s a team that could be on a non-dynasty dynasty roll just like the Grizzlies. With Kyle Lowry playing a souped up version of Mike Conley.

4. Rockets
Previous: 6

James Harden, probable MVP, still has the Rockets right behind the Spurs and just a few games behind the Warriors.


3. Spurs
Previous: 7

Yawn. Second best record in the league. Second best scoring defense in the league. Most graceful aging process ever.

2. Cavaliers
Previous: 2

On pace for 60-wins. Destroyed by the Warriors this week.

1. Warriors
Previous: 3

On pace for 70 wins. Destroyed the Cavaliers. Zaza Pachulia is the most popular center in the NBA. Things are going well right now.


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