Josh Gordon Has All Sorts Of Stories to Sell You These Days

Josh Gordon Has All Sorts Of Stories to Sell You These Days


Josh Gordon Has All Sorts Of Stories to Sell You These Days

Josh Gordon has been little more than blog content for most of his adult life. Having missed most of his prime earning years in the NFL because of failed drug tests Gordon plans to profit off the content that he is and will be now that he’s been reinstated. Even if that means stretching the truth. Here’s Gordon’s manager, Michael Johnson, in the latest Gordon profile in Sports Illustrated:

Johnson wants the full narrative parceled out for profit. “We got other projects we’re doing,” he says, a vague reference to book and movie deals he and Gordon hope to secure. “I can’t give you his whole life story when you’re not even guaranteeing me the cover [of Sports Illustrated]. Because, first off, we are not getting paid for this.”

You may recall Johnson as the guy calling all the NFL reporters to tell them how great Gordon is still. He’s in charge of selling the new myths of Josh Gordon. They’re starting with various magazine profiles and documentaries. Each with different stories. Some of which are probably total B.S. You may recall Gordon claiming in GQ that he was on something nearly every game of his career. Well, he told Sports Illustrated the opposite before that story was published.

Gordon says at least four different times that he quit smoking marijuana entirely during his first two seasons in the NFL and that he was little more than “a social drinker,” only at parties on weekends.

When asked about it, he admitted to lying and talked about “content” and “narrative.” Gordon also told some crazy stories about his success as a drug dealer. He says he borrowed a gun from a tattoo parlor everyday before school, but never shot at anyone “maliciously.” When he was at Baylor he claims to have made $10,000 a month selling weed in other Texas cities. He says he decided to transfer to Utah because he was tired of driving and never made it to California or Oregon.

How many of these stories are true? How many is he saving – or making up – for the next publication he’s going to talk to? If he and his manager can figure out how to get that content behind paywall, you can pay to find out.

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