Hue Jackson Might Re-Bench Kevin Hogan For DeShone Kizer After One Game

Hue Jackson Might Re-Bench Kevin Hogan For DeShone Kizer After One Game


Hue Jackson Might Re-Bench Kevin Hogan For DeShone Kizer After One Game

The Cleveland Browns fell to 0-6 on Sunday with loss to the Houston Texans that was nowhere near as close as the 33-17 score indicates. Kevin Hogan made the least of his first career start completing 20-of-37 passes for 140 yards. (3.7 yards per attempt!) 24 of those yards and his only touchdown pass came on the final drive. Even then an incomplete throw that drew a pass interference penalty accounted for more yards on the drive than Hogan. And just like that coach Hue Jackson is ready to turn to rookie backup DeShone Kizer. The same guy that won the job 8 weeks ago and then lost the job to Hogan last week. Kizer probably doesn’t count as the 29th starting quarterback since 1999. Nor will Cody Kessler when he undoubtedly starts a game later this season.

Speaking of who could or should be starting for the Cleveland Browns at quarterback, Deshaun Watson had another solid game for the Houston Texans. During the broadcast it was reported that Watson had received a text from Jackson the morning of the NFL Draft to “be ready.” Asked about this after the game, Jackson was perplexed.

Which guy is most likely to mis-remember? Probably Jackson. If you are Watson and you’re about to be drafted into the NFL and somebody from the Browns threatens to pick you that’s something that sticks with you. It’s unlikely he forgot that feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Back to the quarterbacks on the Browns roster. Here is Jackson last week talking about how excited the team was about Hogan.

Now here he is a few days and interceptions later talking about how good Kizer looked on the sideline. Via

“Between almost every series, I had conversations with DeShone,” said Jackson. “I wanted to make sure he was learning and growing in what he saw. We went back and forth on things.  He was really into it. I thought he saw some things that he can grow from. I heard growth out of him. I think that’s what matters.”

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Hue Jackson has shown signs before, but the next 10 weeks switching between two – or eventually three – bad quarterbacks will really hammer it home. By the time December rolls around jumping in Lake Erie won’t seem so bad.

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